Cartier inspired Love Bracelet in 925 Sterling Silver

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  • This Cartier inspired Love Bracelet has become one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry in the world.
  • Metals Type: Silver with Cubic Zirconia
  • Offered in three options: 18K Gold, Rose Gold Plated, Platinum Plated
  • This is a Couple style bracelet ( but you can put it on by yourself)
  • Processing technology: electroplate

This Cartier inspired Love bracelet tells a story. Be a center of attention at a party. Tell a story of the Love Bracelet you are wearing.

The Love Bracelet was inspired by the concept of warriors "locking up" their wives before going off to battle. 

Its originator, Cartier Designer Aldo Cipullo, was a history student who was fascinated by ancient design legends.

The Love Bracelet has become the luxury symbol for a committed relationship.

The original design is made of two pieces that need bolting together with a screwdriver, requiring a partner to put it on.

At first, customers were not allowed to buy the Love Bracelet for themselves.

To reinforce the "lovers only" message, Cartier gifted "his and hers" bracelets to 25 famous couples like Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti, Ali McGraw and Steve McQueen,

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Stylish people across the US rushed to buy their own Love Bracelets.

Today's major celebs and Love wearers like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston have caused the demand to grow.

Now, the price for Cartier's Love Bracelet starts at $4,050 and increases upwards of $11,000 with diamonds.

While you certainly don't need a Cartier Love Bracelet to prove your Love, it certainly can't hurt. 

But here and now, we offer Cartier inspired bracelet for a fraction of its cost.

Since we live in the modern world, here we offer a modern variation of the original Love Bracelet - you can put this bracelet on by yourself,  you don't have to wait for your loved one to put it on. What if he or she is on a business trip and you really want to wear this bracelet to remind you constantly of your love? What if you don't want to wait until he or she will return from a business trip and help you to put this bracelet on? Now you can do it by yourself!

Fabulous and super-fashionable, this iconic bracelet is a winner. 

You can wear it for any occasion and event. It is also a great gift for Valentines and Anniversaries. 




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